Call for Papers
1st Doctoral Workshop

Genoa, 31 May – 1 June 2022


This first doctoral workshop is thought of as a forum for PhD students and young post-doc researchers (until 2 years after their thesis defence) to present, receive feedback, and exchange comments on their ongoing research projects in the field of the history of anti-racism in 20th century Italy, with special attention to its different — scientific, moral/religious, political, juridical — dimensions and manifestations in both intellectual debate and mass culture. Proposals may also suggest a cross-disciplinary approach, by considering the contribution of social sciences.

Every presentation will be discussed by an experienced researcher.
We particularly welcome papers that address the following issues — especially through specific case studies, and a transnational perspective:

  • The reception/construction of the term and category of anti-racism in the Italian context (including Italian colonies);
  • The imagery behind anti-racist discourse, with particular attention to the way anti-racist speakers/actors have looked at race, racialisation and the “racism of others” (e.g., segregation/discrimination in the US, apartheid in South Africa, antisemitism in Europe);
  • The history of anti-racist movement (non-institutionalized organisations and institutionalized entities);
  • Global connections between Italian anti-racist movements and foreign movements;
  • The reception of anti-racist programmes by UN, EU and other international institutions;
  • Anti-racist rituals, festivals, and memorials;
  • The rise of scientific anti-racism and the way it has impacted general public;
  • Anti-racism and criminal law, that is the criticism of legal implications of race and the juridical debate about laws against racism and anti-discrimination acts;
  • Interactions between anti-racism and anti-fascism;
  • The relationship between anti-racism, anti-imperialism, Communism and post-colonial legacy;
  • Anti-racism and the public debate on migrations (refugees and foreign immigration);
  • Anti-racism in the labour market;
  • The intersection between anti-racist mobilisation and religious identities;
  • Anti-racism and ‘race-religion constellation’ (antisemitism and Islamophobia);
  • Anti-racism, political violence, non-violence;
  • Teaching anti-racism: school manuals, children’s literature, education;
  • Activists’ self-representation (autobiographies, diaries, press interviews, etc.);
  • Anti-racism and sport;
  • Anti-racism, feminism, and gender.


  • Submission of abstracts. Participants are invited to submit a proposal (max 300 words) by 25 February 2022, including a title and a short bio-bibliographical note.
  • Submission of papers. Applicants whose abstracts are accepted for presentation need to submit full workshop papers by 12 May 2022.

Please send your applications to


Italian and English

The workshop will take place in Genoa (Italy), on 31 May – 1 June 2022. Workshop attendance will be allowed only upon presentation of a valid COVID-19 “Green Pass” (EU Digital COVID Certificate).
In case of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop might be held online. Further details will be provided in due time by the organizers.


Enrica Asquer (Università di Genova-CENTRA); Simona Berhe (Università di Bologna-CENTRA); Matteo Caponi (Università di Genova/Fordham University-CENTRA); Michele Colucci (ISMed CNR-CENTRA).


You can join the live event for free on Microsoft Teams asking for registration or using the link that will be shared here and on CENTRA social media channels 10 minutes before starting.


Centre on the History of Racism and Antiracism in Modern Italy