Centre for the History of Racism and Anti-Racism in Modern Italy 

centra provides advanced historical research

on national and transnational questions concerning the role of racisms - including antisemitism, colonial racism, antiziganism and Islamophobia - in Italian history (19th - 21th centuries).

We cover many topics with various methodological approaches and thematic perspectives,

ranging from political to cultural history, from history of science to visual cultural studies and art history, from social history to law history.

Racism in Italy

Anti-Racism in Italy

Colonialism and post colonialism

Visual cultures of Racism and Anti-Racism

Legal history

Eugenics and Race Science in Italy

Antisemitism and the fight (cultural, political, social) against antisemitism

Urban history, diversity, practices of ghettoization


Race and medicine in Italy

Depictions of national character

Cultural memory, politics of forgetting and difficult heritage

Religions, Racism and Anti-Racism

Department of Antiquities, Philosophy, History

We are historians and researchers.


Spring Seminars

The Meaning of Eugenics: Historical and Present-Day Discussions of Eugenics and Scientific Racism

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DECEMBER 2-3, 2021

The Etruscan problem in fascist and post-war Italy

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NOVEMBER 24, 2021

Silvana Patriarca, “Il colore della Repubblica” /// book presentation

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NOVEMBER 4, 2021

CATHOLICISM, RACE, AND ANTI-RACISMS /// New Historiographical Trends, Global Approaches, and Open Questions

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OCTOBER 21 - NOVEMBER 11, 26, 2021

Dismantling Eugenics /// Legacies / Reckonings / Futures

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STIGMA, DISCRIMINATION, BIRTH /// “Racisms” and their Dis/connection with the Christian Experience

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JUNE 7-8, 2021

DIFFICULT HERITAGES /// Elisa Caldana e Diego Tonus /// “Topography of Terror”: immaginari della violenza tra spazio virtuale e comunicazione massmediale

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APRIL 15, 2021

DIFFICULT HERITAGES /// Elena Pirazzoli (Universität zu Köln, Martin-Buber-Institut für Judaistik) /// La scala disumana. L’architettura del nazismo tra concezione, rimozione e risemantizzazione

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APRIL 8, 2021

DIFFICULT HERITAGES /// Matteo Caponi (Università di Genova – Fordham University) /// “Tear them down”. Christian depictions, Whiteness, and Antiracism

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MARCH 25, 2021

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Centre on the History of Racism and Antiracism in Modern Italy